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Hawke feelings and opinions

So I'm replaying DA2 at the moment and I've just completed the Legacy DLC. It has given me feelings and opinions.

The first time I played DAI I hadn't played Legacy so when I went into the Fade with Hawke and Stroud all I cared about was that the game wanted me to choose between Hawke and a dude I barely knew. It was no choice at all really.

But now I've played Legacy a couple of times I do wonder whether the game intends for you to leave Hawke in the fade. I notice you get the sad music when you talk to Varric after you get out of the Fade and it always struck me as odd if you leave Stroud behind given we've had no real emotional attachment to him and neither does Varric.

But when you play Legacy and understand that Corypheus is free because Hawke used his blood to release him (even if the intention was to kill him) then the line s/he says about Corypheus being his/her responsibility makes a lot more sense.

What do you guys think? I think I've only left Hawke in the fade once (and that was so I could save Alistair) but I'm wondering if doing so is actually the right thing to do.

And on a slight tangent I also feel that in DA2 the game intends for Hawke's sibling to die in the Deep Roads. Usually I let Carver die because I am a terrible person and don't like him. But Bethany is too precious so I generally make her into a Grey Warden.

Thoughts? Opinions? I just had a lot of feelings.
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