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Romance in Inquisition

Today I finally completed Dragon Age: Inquisition for the first time! XD I'd been putting it off for so long because I didn't want it to end.

And now of course, I'm going to be starting it again, even though I still have two other playthroughs to finish. I just have to decide who to romance, this time!

I've already romanced Cullen (♥), and am currently romancing Iron Bull. I've watched someone romance Sera and Dorian. I want to romance Cassandra but I don't want to play as a man. I have no interest in romancing Solas. So... it's Josephine or Blackwall.

I like Josie better, but I feel like Blackwall might be more interesting to romance. I'm friends with Josie already and I feel like romancing her wouldn't be that much different, but I feel like romancing Blackwall might show me a different side to him.

Have you romanced either of them? Which romance would you say was more fun?
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